Trinity Fine Art 29, Bruton Street · London
3 - 10 July 2015

From 3th until 10th of July, the Gallery will take part in London Art Week with Trinity Fine Art and Carlo Orsi exhibiting a selection of sculptures and works of art from the seventeenth to the eighteenth century. London Art Week promises once again to provide visitors with a cornucopia of the finest works of art offered by specialist dealers in the three disciplines: paintings, drawings and sculpture.

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  • LORENZO BARTOLINI (Savignano, Prato, 1777 - Firenze, 1850) Ritratto di Carlotta Barbolani di Montauto, Carrara statuary marble, cm 69 x 57 x 32
  • GIOVANNI BATTISTA GIGOLA (Brescia, 1767 - Tremezzo, 1841) Leda and the Swan tempera on ivory, in a gilt bronze frame cm 13,5 x 10,3
  • FRANCESCO ANTONIO FRANZONI (Carrara, 1734 - Rome, 1818) Group with two hounds dragging a deer to earth, white marble cm 46 x 79 x 53
  • FILIPPO REGA(1776-1787),GIOVANNI PICHLER (1734-1791), ANGELO ANTONIO AMASTINI (1778-1815), GIOVANNI ANTONIO SANTARELLI (1785-1797) Vestal Virgin – Alexander the Great – Portrait of a Man – Galba Four cameos, signed: Rega, Pichler, A. Amastini, Santarelli. Sardonyx, and two- and three-layer chalcedony, mounted in a bronze frame signed: Bellezza. G. / Mil.e f. 1844 20.5 x 14 cm